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Heel Grips With Self-Adhesive Backing


Stop irritable heel pain! Apply our super strong and comfortable Heel Grip Cushions!

Strong bond: The heel cushion pads feature with high strength self adhesive to keep them in place firmly during high activities such as dancing, hiking, and running, also ideal to help break in new shoes or to add depth to loose fitting footwear.

Rational design: Our heel grips incorporate a unique hollow cylinder design to adjust the space automatically; They keep your shoes from slipping out and make them more comfortable if the heel zone has a bit of extra space to fill.

Comfort: Our heel grips are made of soft sponge, good for reducing the friction between shoes and feet to avoid foot pain and blisters after a long walking or high activity.

Easy to use: Our heel grips have self-adhesive backs; Peeling off the back cover, you can stick them on your shoes backs conveniently and confident the grip will last.

Wide applications: Our heel grips fit  many shoes such as high-heels, leather shoes, boots, brogues, ballet pumps; They are applicable to new shoes, dress shoes, court shoes and slightly bigger shoes

  • 0.2cm thick pad
  • Padded area is 4cm thick before compression
  • 10.5cm long
  • 4cm wide
  • Made of soft sponge, these shoe pads protect you from heel pain and blisters caused by the friction between shoes and feet after a long walk or high activity.
  • Heel grips are Unisex; Applicable for various shoes such as high-heels, leather shoes, flats, pumps, boots, etc…
  • A must have for weddings, festivals, sports, exhibition standing etc… where you get sore heels!
  • Available in 4 colours, Beige, Brown, Black, Pink
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Designed to help prevent blisters, rubbing, loose shoes, and to help break in new shoes

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions 10.5 × 3 × 4 cm

Beige, Black, Pink

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